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Veterinarians Suggest Tips on Buying the Best Cat Food

A Himalayan cat eating food

Obesity in pets, especially cats, is on the rise, and an unhealthy, pet supplements manufacturers unbalanced diet is to be blamed. Despite their best intentions, many pet parents end up choosing the pet food option for their furry friends. Therefore, DhohOo is always working to educate pet parents and spread awareness regarding how to buy cat food the right way. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established several guidelines for regulators to ensure high-quality pet food is available in the market. Veterinarians recommend learning more about these guidelines to pick the best cat food.

The best place to start is the name of the pet food. AAFCO guidelines state that if a pet food is advertised to contain a single ingredient, then it must comprise at least 95% of that ingredient. For example, if the pet food is advertised to be made of beef and turkey, at least 95% of the food must comprise of beef and turkey combined.

Various brands have descriptive pet food names. It is common to find cat food stressing an additional ingredient by using “with” in the name. For example, cat food with cheese. These pet foods must contain at least 3% of the additional ingredient mentioned in the name. If the pet food specifies an ingredient as flavor, such as chicken-flavored cat food, then it shall contain a detectable amount of that ingredient.

The animal protein component must also be considered pet food supplement when choosing the best cat food. Pet parents can check the ingredients list to check the animal protein. Proteins and fats may be animal-based or included in the form of by-products.

It must be noted that all by-products are not created equally. Some may be highly nutritional, while others may comprise of empty calories. Therefore, trusting the brand is an essential component of picking the best cat food.

Finally, it is advisable to consult a vet who is familiar with the current health condition and medical history of the cat to recommend the best diet and provide guidance on how to buy cat food.