These are prices for pencil only.

Colour takes longer to produce,therefore will cost more,so I do I encourage clients to choose pencil as it is my best medium.


8 X 10" (20cm X 25cm,+/-A4) $90 ,single pet only


9 X 12" (23cm X 30cm,+/-A3) $120 + $40 for each extra pet


11 X 14" (28cm X 35cm Between A3 & A2) $160 + $40 for each extra pet

16 X 20" (41 X 51 cm,+/-A2) $190 + $40 for each extra pet.

PANdoggRA Charms: start at $59.00 Sterling Silver.

                                             from  $250.00 for a 14K charm

                                             from   $290.00 with gemstone.

All prices excluding Tax





 Gift Vouchers are available if for any reason the picture cannot be completed in time for  the specified date.(eg. photos not sent to me in time)

For Postage & shipping,etc I will have to work out a quote first.(This would include the usual extras like mailing insurance,courier costs,ect.)