pet lovers portraits :the artist
My name is Vanessa Pike, & I have been drawing animals all my life.


I have now added a section on goldsmithing as well because of the growing need to show off my work to potential clients.

I have been a goldsmith since 1989.It all started in tech when one of the courses I chose in the Art scholarship course was Jewellery Design & Manufacture.I was hooked!I worked in Uitenhage for Golden Touch Jewellers for 10 years before moving on to Aztec Gold where I was able to go to Cape Town & do my Trade test.Aztec sadly closed it doors in April 2009.

Myself & Angela were left with no choice but to open our own Goldsmithing shop,which turned out very successful & is still running in 2013 in Port Elizabeth South Africa.Vangelas is what we called it.I left South Africa in September 2009.

I obtained my trade test certificate in 2001,after being an apprentice. 

I am now working part time from my little but fully functioning workshop in BC.


In rememberance of my grandfather who encouraged me to bring out my drawing skills. I sign all my pictures with my maiden surname, Camons. He was a truly great artist able to sketch, paint, sculpt & play various musical instruments even after he lost his right arm in a car accident (he learnt to do it all over using his left arm.)

Myself & husband Peter immigrated from South Africa to British Columbia (Abbotsford) in Canada & hope to make a success here as well.

2013 July Time flies! that was 2009!

I use graphite pencils ranging from a 2H right down to a 9B, being the darkest pencil before it becomes charcoal.

I have tried colour (chalk pastel, & paint) but prefer pencil, where I can get achieve much more detail. I have used colour graphite pencils. The colour portrait of my horse Gotschna is done in colour graphite pencil. I am trying to perfect this media. I will be experimenting with oil pastel soon.

I love drawing dogs, cats and horses and have done a few wildlife pictures. That includes a few eagles too.

My pictures have been sent to many overseas countries, including America & England.

I draw from good quality photographs (2 photos are usually enough for me to capture the animal's character.)

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pet lovers portraits :the artist